Best Activities to Do in Oman Function of 3 sectors of Oman Adventure clubs Water Land Air Land activities Camp on a desert island The sand dunes of Masirah Island rise up from the sea like a golden mountain range, their soft peaks ever-shifting with the salty breeze. Away from the mainland, nature is king:Read more

Our life style: Improving operations standards, answer discovery of new places and experiencing new things is something that people have always been driven to do by their thirst for adventure and appreciation of the outdoors. There are many things to do around the world that fall under the broad heading of “adventures,” allowing you toRead more

REASONS TO JOIN OUR ADVENTURES CLUB               Smartphones and other digital devices make it easy to slip into a tech-heavy routine but every once in a while, it’s nice to turn everything off, head outside and embrace nature. Incorporating more outdoor activity into your everyday routine has been shownRead more

Adventures Club is aimed to transform the intertaiments, Sports and Adventures tourism business into a one reliable service aggregator platform with recognized qualified market leaders launched in Sultanate of Oman in 2020 with qualified network partners accross countries. provided services on global range and verity, Adventures Club has become the globally trusted platform for entertainments,Read more