Aims and objectives

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Improving operations standards, answer discovery of new places and experiencing new things is something that people have always been driven to do by their thirst for adventure and appreciation of the outdoors. There are many things to do around the world that fall under the broad heading of “adventures,” allowing you to test your mettle against the challenges of such an experience while also satisfying your thirst for freedom. Only a small subset of people are aware of the existence of outdoor recreation opportunities such as mountaineering, rock climbing, walking, skiing, thermal ballooning, sky diving, canoeing, sailing, rafting, and mountain biking, etc.
Over the past twenty years, what began as visits to well-known landmarks has evolved into a variety of gentle adventures, including day hikes, camping, and more. As of recently, the Club has begun announcing annual programming that caters to a wide range of ages and interests. The adventures club engages in a wide range of activities, from adventure trips to training sessions, all of which are guided by educational goals and take into account the need to preserve the local environment and community.
The adventures Club encourages people of all ages, genders, races, and religions to take part in its socially-oriented outings.

Aims & Objectives
This organization was founded on the principle of promoting outdoor adventure activities like camping, trekking, climbing, water, and sky spoetts and the like as a means of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Part of current to be achieved goals:

• With the goal of taking effective measures to slow the alarming rate of mountain pollution,
• To raise awareness among the general population about the importance of wildlife conservation.
• So that people will see the value in forests and stop cutting them down,
• As a means of exposing young people to the value of adventure sports and as a means of keeping them away from drugs,
• the purpose of which is to amass and disseminate reliable data about dimensions of space
• For the purpose of preparing its members to serve as camp counsellors and professional guides For the purpose of assisting its members and others in the planning of trips
• So that we may aid other groups and individuals technically
• The goal is to increase interest in both adventure travel and family vacations.
• So as to delve into uncharted territories in the field of adventure travel.

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