An introduction to kitesurfing and the fundamentals along with how to fly a small trainer kite, set up and tuning of a kitesurfing rig and body dragging techniques in the water.
The next half course goes onto more advanced body drags and introduces board start theory and practice.

TRAINING LOCATIONS Barka – N.Alhail/Athaibah – Qurayat – Bar Alhakaman
LESSONS DURATION 2 Hours training per session, excluding Camp duration if applies.
GATHERING BurjAlsahwa or Training Location
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, Sun-protect Cream, Sun glasses.
Drinks Snacks
Training Gears Professional guide
Camp Gears (If camp applies)

At the end of the lesson, you’ll receive your kiteboarder card and your log book. The instructor will mark off on your card and log book which levels you’ve achieved. If you’re back the next day, the instructor will let you know the plan for the next day and give you some individual exercises to practice before you come back. This is super useful in the future if you decide to come back another day!


Session 1 (2 Hours)

  • Equipment and safety theory
  • Kite set-up and kite maintenance
  • Know the use of the safety systems
  • Understanding the wind window
  • Basic kite flying skills
  • Hand signals
  • Launch and land the kite

Session 2 (2 Hours)

  • Site Assessment and advanced kite flying skills
  • Water re-launch the kite
  • Self-rescue and deep water pack down
  • Basic downwind body dragging
  • Advanced upwind body dragging
  • Body dragging with board

Session 3 (2 Hours)

  • Board-work theory and practicing
  • First water start
  • Basic riding in both directions
  • Theory and safety rules

Session 4 (2 Hours)

  • Practice basic transitions (change of direction)
  • The right, stylish-body posture becomes second nature
  • Riding reliably upwind, also in lighter winds
  • Body-dragging upwind when the wind drops
  • Practice safe landing and launching
Kite-boarding نزلج شراعي

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