It is every individual’s dream to fly like a free bird; Up in the sky and as far as the horizon. We would all like to see the nature’s beauty from high up above. For a Joy ride we use a large glider designed to carry two people, one instructor and a passenger. The Instructor is seated behind the passenger and controls the glider.
Once up in the sky, the pilot can easily talk to the passenger and show him around, explain the controls.

The fly is available only if there are minimum 4 or more customers to fly.

TRAINING LOCATIONS Sawadi, Bdiyah Desert Camp
FLIGHT DURATION 15 min (1 Round)
GATHERING BurjAlsahwa or Flight Location
WEAR Casual dress, Sun-protect Cream, Sun glasses.
REQUIREMENTS – Minimum age: 15 years
– Minimum-/Maximum weight: 20/100kg
Drinks Snacks
Training Gears Professional guide
Camp Gears (If camp applies)

If the conditions are right and the passenger is willing, the pilot can let the passenger control the glider just to experience the feeling of flying. Do bring your camera because this is an everlasting memory.



  • Brief on the joyride take off.
  • Instructions on precautions and Safety.
  • Seat adjustment and fit-up inspections.

Takeoff and landing

  • Instructor will start the motor followed by swift take off against the wind.
  • Pilot will turn around and escalate up-wise gradually up-to good height.
  • Passenger will be informed to enjoy the view and feel comfortable before landing.

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