This training program aims at introducing the fundamentals of SCUBA diving to new entrants to the sport of recreational SCUBA diving, which will enable the candidate to undertake no decompression stop dives,
while using air as a breathing gas, to a maximum depth of twenty (20) meters in a safe manner.

TRAINING LOCATIONS Albatinah, Almuj, AlSharqiyah, Alkhudh6, Damaniyat
LESSONS DURATION 2 days, 5h per day
GATHERING BurjAlsahwa or Training Location
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, Sun-protect Cream, Sun glasses.
  • Medical health check (Diving problems free)
  • Swimming knowledge
  • Minimum age: 15 years
  • Minimum-/Maximum weight: 25/110kg
  • Physical health
Drinks Snacks
Training Gears Professional guide
Camp Gears (If camp applies)

At the end of the lesson, you’ll receive your Paragliding log book. The instructor will mark off on your card and log book which levels you’ve achieved. If you’re back the next day, the instructor will let you know the plan for the next day and give you some individual exercises to practice before you come back. This is super useful in the future if you decide to come back another day!


Session 1 (5 Hours)

Theory and Con. Water
  1. Introductions
  2. Different types of Equipment
  3. Physics of diving
  4. Medical and psychological problems related to diving
  5. Psychological problems related to diving
  6. Use of dive tables (decompression tables) and dive computers
  7. Dive planning
  8. Dive environment

Session 2 (5 Hours)

Open water skills
  1. Use of mask, snorkel and fins
  2. Diving system assembly and disassembly (at water’s edge)
  3. Pre-dive equipment inspection and in and out of water buddy checks
  4. Entries and exits
  5. Proper weighting
  6. Mouthpiece clearing – snorkel and regulator
  7. Regulator/snorkel exchanges at the surface
  8. Proper descent and ascent procedures
  9. Swim under-water efficiently with appropriate buoyancy and attitude control
  10. Mask-clearing, including removal and replacement
  11. Controlled breathing underwater without a mask
  12. Buddy-system techniques
  13. Underwater and surface buoyancy control
  14. Underwater problem-solving
  15. Monitoring instruments
Oman scuba diving
Oman scuba diving

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