An introduction to Paragliding and the fundamentals along with how to fly a small trainer kite, set up and tuning of a kitesurfing rig and body dragging techniques in the water.
This course is aimed to get you through tge experience of Paragliding with close support of the trainer for coverage and safety; learner is not expected to fly by him/her self and not considered as professional pilot until he/she take professional courses (Certified):

Solo Professional Paragliding

Profissional Paramoto

TRAINING LOCATIONS Nahda Dunes, Almuj, Sab bani Khamis, Fins, Alkhudh6
LESSONS DURATION 2 days, 4h per day
GATHERING BurjAlsahwa or Training Location
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, Sun-protect Cream, Sun glasses.
REQUIREMENTS – Minimum age: 15 years
– Minimum-/Maximum weight: 25/110kg
– Physical health
Drinks Snacks
Training Gears Professional guide
Camp Gears (If camp applies)



Session 1 (5 Hours)

Ground handling and the theory necessary to keep you safe and informed
  • Various parts of the glider
  • Inspecting the flying equipment
  • Laying out of the glider for launch
  • The lift-off of the glider
  • The take-off run
  • Controlling the inflated glider overhead

Session 2 (5 Hours)

Introduction to flying: You make your first flights, These flights are up to a height of 20’ft but progressively starting from smaller heights.
  • Stowing and folding the glider
  • Theory session
  • Paraglider launch preparation and inspections
  • Pre-flight checks
  • Take-offs & landing
  • Teadhered flights

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