Learning to paraglide with OmanAdventuresClub is easy,  safe and lots of fun!

The minimum age requirement to start a paragliding training course with us is 16 but you can only get your license when you are 17 years old. Anyone can learn to fly; we have given paragliding lessons to people from the ages of 16 to 65 years old.

You will be taught in a safe environment under the supervision of expert instructors who will be in constant radio contact with you via a two-way radio.

Basic level course will let you experience the flying fun before you get into the advance level of paragliding; You will attend in depth theory classes teaching you everything you need to know to become a safe paragliding pilot. Our training courses are structured around the learning capabilities of each individual student.

The courses can be done in consecutive days or stretched over a period of a few months.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION OmanAdventuresClub Locations
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the training.
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Local transportation Professional guide
Hill Drop
Joy Ride

Course overview
This is your first step towards free flying. Paragliding is a practicing sport hence major part of this course is dedicated to ground training. The highlight of the course is your first solo flight under direct radio supervision of your instructor.


Day 1-2: Ground training

– Introduction to canopy and equipment
– Parchute Landing Fall (PLF) demo and practice
– Forward / Alpine launch method
– Ground handling
– Directional control

Day 3-4: Flight training

– Site assessment
– First hops (low level flights)
– Maintaining course and airspeed
– Introducing turns
– Landing procedure
– Flights from higher altitude

Day 4-5: Theory & Examination

– Principles of flight
– Basic Meteorology
– Rules of the air
– Video sessions
– Elementary examination

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